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Redefining web experience for the Government
of Qatar to interact with the netizens

About Hukoomi

Hukoomi is a web app that works as a single source for all news updates, services,
and transactional services used within Qatar. The website portal is
an initiative by the Government of Qatar for all the nationales. The
government e-portal acts as a single source of information for
everyone who stays, works or visits the country.

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Business Type Government
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web development services to hukoomi

How we brought the segregated government communication with the country's nationals on one UI-rich platform

When we talk about digitalization, government bodies are the slowest to adapt to the changes. The e-portals where nationals can view information about living, traveling, or working in a country are often slow loading, have unplanned information structure, and are bound to be operational only during working hours.

The limitations often lead to people relying on third-party information, which are in a number of cases incomplete and inaccurate. The ripple effect of this inaccuracy also often leads to negativity among the nationals towards their government's functioning.

Hukoomi web application development in Qatar was a way to change the sentiment.

web development services to hukoomi by Appinventiv
We were looking for a web app development service company that understands how government bodies operate behind the curtains. Appinventiv's work with India's government bodies assured us that they are the best digital partner for us. The team's dedication and reliability only proved us right

Our Process


  • Market understanding
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Interview


  • User flow
  • Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing


  • Website development
  • User Testing


  • Website live

Website UI

web development services to hukoomi by Appinventiv

Our Project Challenges

Improving user engagement journey within the e-portal

User engagement was one of the biggest issues present across the website. Our team of Hukoomi web designers worked on creating a user flow map within the website in addition to identifying the structure in which the information would be shown to the users. We created an immersive, UI-rich website containing details of over 1,979 services.

Meeting the security and compliance standards

The security and compliance followed in Qatar were very different from ones in the US or India. Our team of QA experts dived into the different elements of standards followed by the country and then ensured that the website is not going against any law.

Making a high concurrency-rich website

The Hukoomi portal was intended to be used by the whole of Qatar. At any given point in time, we had to prepare the website for tourists - students, tourists, and business owners and citizens - business owners, employees, and nationals - with the assumption that they'll all be using the Qatar e-government portal in real-time.

Appinventiv's Development Journey with
the Government of Qatar

We started the project by gathering an understanding of the different elements and services that the Qatar government wanted the users to interact with inside the e-portal. The understanding helped us understand the scope of the project and the different intentions of the website's stakeholders.

App developers in Qatar built a solution categorized according to stakeholders and services for an easy user flow within the website. Throughout the Hukoomi e-government services that ranged for a span of 6 months, we paid attention to the compliances and security standards that were to be followed ensuring that the website is hack-proof and legally safe.

The Results

2.6 million actively engaging users within
the website
1,900+ active services on
the website
997K traffic on website

Appinventiv aided Qatar Government
in building a one-stop e-portal for people
traveling, living, and working in the country.

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