SecOps Services

Secure your digital infrastructure by eliminating vulnerabilities with
our cloud and AI-powered threat detection and prevention capabilities
Trusted by conglomerates, enterprises, and startups alike

Security Operations Services
that Identify Gaps and
Boost Scalability

Strengthen your cyber resilience on cloud and move towards a more secure digital future with
SecOps consulting services that provide a flexible and modern approach to cybersecurity.
Enterprise Risk Assessment

Identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential risks in your enterprise environments with our end-to-end risk analysis and technical assessment services. Develop a comprehensive security strategy with our vulnerability scanning and threat modeling capabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Minimize the risk of breaches by analyzing vulnerabilities across operational and development environments. Improve the overall security posture of your business by getting encrypted automated workflows through advanced SecOps capabilities.

Threat Intelligence

Create targeted security measures and response plans by understanding the nature, source, and severity of potential and existing security threats. Leverage the power of our effective threat intelligence SecOps solutions to mitigate all deep-lying risks from the roots.

Cloud Security Operations (Cloud SecOps)

Keep your cloud-based systems always secure and running by obtaining real-time performance insights into your security posture. Get regular cloud audits, identity and access management, network security operations, compliance monitoring, and virtualization with our advanced cloud SecOps services.

Code Analysis and Automated Code Scanning

Build secure and reliable software applications by identifying and addressing potential security threats early in the development cycle. Trust a leading SecOps consulting service company like Appinventiv with faster detection and solution implementation of vulnerabilities, coding errors, and security misconfigurations.

Compliance Monitoring

Maintain a secure operating environment by adhering to critical compliances such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA. Being a trusted SecOps services company, Appinventiv delivers fully compliance-friendly software, completely mitigating the risks of regulatory violations.

Infrastructure Management

Protect your IT infrastructure from potential security threats and improve system performance by allowing our SecOps solution experts to architect your desired infrastructure. Leveraging our end-to-end infrastructure management services, let our experts take care of all your network monitoring, security control, and performance tuning needs.

Data Security

Protect your organization’s sensitive and confidential data by discovering IT environments where your data is at highest risk. Implement strong measures and policies related to data encryption, data backup and recovery, security monitoring, and legal and regulatory compliances for robust data protection in your enterprise.

CI/CD Security

Bolster security for your CI/CD environments by partnering with a reliable SecOps consulting company like Appinventiv. We implement multiple effective security measures to strengthen your software development lifecycle, including secure coding practices, vulnerability scanning, automated testing, and security testing.

Container Security

Keep your containerized applications and their underlying infrastructure always secure by implementing secure deployment practices along with configuration management, patch management, vulnerability scanning, image validation, and security monitoring.

Years of Experience in
Building Secure Digital Solutions
Certified ServiceNow
SecOps Projects

Know Why Leaders Trust Our Enterprise
Security Operations Services

As a leading security operations service provider, we offer high visibility, analytics, and automation
to power up your SecOps initiatives. Here’s why you should trust us with your security operations
management needs:

Get 24/7 threat detection, prevention, and response capabilities powered by next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence. Our IT security operations team is fully adept at managing advanced security threats and mitigating endpoint attacks using such innovative technologies.

Get 100% compliance-friendly security operations solutions tailored to address the unique security challenges faced by your business. As a leading SecOps services company, we provide you with all the necessary tools needed to achieve and maintain local, national, and global compliances such as HIPAA, GDPR, CSA, and PCI-DSS.

Get SecOps solutions that are 100% tailored to your business needs and objectives. Our IT and cyber security operations experts work closely with your team to understand the unique security challenges faced by your organization and devise solutions and strategies accordingly.

Combine security with your business operations data and get the most accurate and actionable analysis to identify and prioritize critical flaws, leading to unmatched operational efficiency within the organization.

SecOps Implementation
Process We Follow

With our process-driven approach and well-defined SecOps
implementation stages, we deliver the most robust custom
security operations solutions to clients.


Planning and Assessment

  • Assessing your organization’s current security infrastructure
  • Investigating SecOps-related needs and defining goals and objectives

Design and Architecture

  • Designing a SecOPs framework
  • Defining security procedures, selecting the right SecOps tools, and establishing technical controls

Implementation and Integration

  • Implementing the designed SecOps framework
  • Integrating security processes with the organization’s IT infrastructure

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Testing the effectiveness of the implemented SecOps solution
  • Validating if the solution meets the defined security-related goals and objectives

Continuous Monitoring

  • Monitoring the organization’s security posture to identify new potential threats
  • Making necessary changes to the SecOps framework to ensure continued effectiveness

Incident Response and Management

  • Defining incident response procedures in the event of a security incident
Schedule a cost-free,
30-minute consultation call
with our SecOps expert
Assess your organization’s security posture and gain professional insights and recommendations

SecOps Tools and Tech Stack We Use

Our Ops security team possesses expertise not only in security but also state-of-the-art technology
stack that combines to provide continuous visibility, improvement, and innovation to your
organization’s security posture.

Google Cloud
IBM cloud

Strategic Cloud Partnerships That
Ensure Security and Compliance

Our strategic partnerships with different industry leaders enable us to deliver solutions that prioritize and
remediate critical vulnerabilities through an automated approach across your cloud environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of SecOps services does Appinventiv offer?

How do Appinventiv’s Ops security services align with compliance standards and regulations?

What is Appinventiv’s SecOps implementation process?

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