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Transforming in-hospital patient communication
by providing real-time access to medical help.
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YouCOMM Health App


YouCOMM is a multi-request format platform for in-hospital patients to connect with nurses to get help for their basic needs. The fully customizable patient messaging system enables patients to notify the staff of their needs through the mode of manual selection of options, voice commands, and the use of head gestures.

How We Solved the Issue of
Patients' Assistance Wait
Time During Emergencies

The call bell systems in the majority of the hospitals are ineffective. They are either unspecific, restrictive, or simply outdated and inefficient. 19% of all patients find current call bell systems out of reach, this highlights a grim picture of the in-hospital patient care system. One where patients are unable to contact nurses in real-time. What makes it worse is patients having limited to zero mobility are physically unable to reach out to nurses in time of their urgent needs.

There was a need in the healthcare structure to solve this life-affecting problem.

Our Process

Appinventiv process
Daniel Yasoshima
Chief Executive Officer

We came to Appinventiv looking for a change in the conventional system where patients had to depend on call bells for getting assistance. The team, however, advised us feature additions that would make the solution truly all-patients inclusive. They made our product more innovative and useful than we had envisioned.

Our Project Challenges


Delicate Workflow Management

We built a solution where the hospital admin could keep the record of whether the patient’s request was completed and how long it took for a particular request to be completed. This led to the betterment of efficiency on nurses’ end while enhancing the efficacy of patient needs. The app workflow that we built looked like this:
Every patient is assigned 3 nurses to which request goes one by one in case the first misses. In case all the 3 nurses miss, the request gets broadcasted to all the nurses assigned on the patient’s floor. Noting the emergency element, we notified the hospital admin to take care of the request in case it was missed by every nurse on the floor.


Multi-Stakeholder Management

In order to offer end-to-end efficiency in patient care, we add digitalization in all aspects of patient touch-points. We built a web panel for the admin, an Android app for nurses, and a tablet mode HMS for patients. All the application versions were linked with each other in order to keep a real-time lookout for patients’ needs.


Multi-format Requests

In order to make the app inclusive for all the patients in varying states of health, we added three request creation ways: By using hands - patients could select the options on their tablet on the basis of their needs, By voice command, By using head gestures.
We also added a child mode within the application which has children-specific emergency alerts using beacons.


Customizable Requests Options

To make care quick, we added 20 preset request options in the tablet ranging from needing toilet access help to emergency calls. However, noting the varying needs, we added the functionality of customizing the requests on patients’ tablets depending on their medical condition.

Our Development Process

The Complexities of Enhancing Patient and Caregiver Experience

We started the project by gathering an understanding of the vision of the solution. The development approach that we had to take for building YouCOMM had to have inclusivity at the center.
Right from ensuring correct request fallback hierarchy guaranteeing zero misdirection of patients’ requests to building complex gesture mechanisms and voice controls, every part of the YouCOMM project development was aimed at effective patient-caregiver interaction.

Our team faced some challenges in the way, which made the project all the more immersive and productive.
The primary ones were enabling voice command -
Integrating a voice command system was easy but the difficult part was to choose the one that would be most effective for our system. We went through various options and chose the DAR method to come out with a multi-lingual, multi-accent solution.

The second issue that we solved was in terms of head gestures. We build the solution after running the hypothesis on multiple sensitivity types so that it could be used by people from all the different age groups.

The Results

The product has been launched at a beta level in some hospitals and we are constantly working on innovating it further for its mass rollout. Even at a beta stage, YouCOMM has been receiving a lot of positive media recognition. The app was awarded CT Bioscience Innovation Fund in 2019 and an Entrepreneurs Innovations Award in 2019.

5+ Hospital chain in the US running
on YouCOMM solution
60% Growth in Nurses' Real-time
Response Time
3+ Hospitals getting high
CMS reimbursement

Appinventiv helped YouCOMM build a revolutionary
solution to the omnipresent issue of patient-caregiver
communication efficiency.

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