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Expanding Adidas Mobile Presence Globally

About Adidas

Adidas is one of the largest sports merchandise brands across
the globe. Starting from sportswear apparel to footwear, accessories
and equipment, Adidas has a broad and diverse product portfolio.

Industry eCommerce
Services Design, Development, and Deployment
Business Type Franchise
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How We Helped Adidas Reach a New and Massive User Base in Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Adidas is a world-renowned brand. But by limiting itself to a website in many countries, it was not living up to its potential in terms of user acquisition. For a brand that is majorly driven by millennials, Adidas was keeping them deprived of having a convenient, hassle-free shopping experience on mobile.

With mobile devices becoming the first point of purchase for users, being absent from creating a smartphone presence is something that businesses cannot afford. The same rule applied to Adidas too.

It was time to expand the web-centric brand to mobile through a dedicated application.

Our Services Provided


  • Market understanding
  • Localization

Product Design2

  • User flow
  • Designing


  • Android App
  • iOS App


  • Play Store publishing
  • App Store publishing
With little presence on mobile in the Middle Eastern region, we wanted to outsource the app development to a company that could understand as well as execute our requirements efficiently. When we saw AppInventiv’s vast portfolio of clients followed by having a discussion meeting, we knew it was the right company that could fulfil all our requirements.

Our Project Challenges

Abiding By The Brand’s Design System

Since Adidas is an established name in the retail market, it was important that its extension - irrespective of the platform - abided by its design system. Our team of designers ensured that their logo, color codes, and branding guidelines remained intact during the entire design process.

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support

The application was ideated to have a multi-region launch. We used our localization skillset to ensure that the app would be accepted across the different locations of the Middle East both in terms of content and products. Our team also worked on multiple currency integration to make sure that the app would be used across a number of geographies.

Our Development Process

Developing Mobile Shopping Experience for Middle Eastern Audience

Our team of eCommerce experts worked on the end-to-end creation of the Adidas application. We used
industry-loved technologies and frameworks (like Algolia, MoEngage, etc.) across native Android and iOS
and backend to build an engaging shopping experience for the brand’s Middle Eastern users. To make the
experience immersive, we implemented a strategic cache management system for faster application
performance and elimination of redundancy. Push notification on the other hand increased the app
engagement and conversion rate.

On the frontend front, we added complex animations and video components on the main landing page, to
give the application a YouTube-like engaging feel. Every frontend effort we made was directed towards
bettering the application quality.

The Results

500k New Users Acquired

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