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Industries are advancing into trending tech of wearable app development. Our wearable app developers will help you build solutions that’ll make your brand platform-independent.
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  • Wearable Solution Design Wearable app design solution

    We understand the difference in user intent and expectation when they move from smartphones to hearable, wristwear, and head-mounted displays. Our team of designers specializes in creating immersive experiences across all sizes and nature of platforms from the view of glanceability, context, and minimalistic interface.

  • Wearable Device App Development wearable device app development

    We perform end-to-end app development for wearable devices. Right from the creation of robust backend infrastructure to the integration of APIs bringing multiple applications and features on a single platform, we specialize in creating a wearable app that doesn’t let wearable device limitations get in the way of experience.

  • Multi-Platform Integration Wearable device multi-platform integration process

    Our wearable application developers specialize in the creation of APIs and integrations that make the process of data transmission from wearable to mobile apps and vice-versa convenient. We also specialize in creating a seamless link between multiple apps, making it easy for your users to share their success on social media or a messaging app, right from within the wearable.

  • Seamless Deployment Wearable application deployment

    Our system architects specialize in the seamless deployment of your wearable application on multiple devices and versions. We ensure that irrespective of how old or how in-trend a wearable device is, your application runs glitch-free on all of them.

Helping SMEs & Enterprises Adopt

Diversified Wearable Technology

The use of wearable technology for both individuals and businesses are growing at a rapid rate. Whether it is for tracking steps walked or sending real-time work push notifications, wearable tech of both Android wearable development and iOS wearable development domain is being used by companies and individuals from all walks of life.
We are a wearable app development company that can help you bring your brand on devices that are poised to become more personal to an individual than a smartphone. Whether it is fitness, medical, lifestyle, gaming, or utilities, our team of developers will bring your vision to life through impeccable wearable experiences that feel natural to your users.
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Our wearable app development services help you explore the multiple facets of wearable
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Process That Evolves With Your Needs

Our work process expands or contracts as per your project requirements. But irrespective of what scale
your wearable app development solutions project belongs to, there is some stage that remains constant.

Our Business Associates
on Working with Appinventiv

We envisioned a platform that would make flight booking intuitive and a quick in and out experience. Appinventiv team helped us achieve just that through their AI algorithms capabilities.

Michael Kimura iOS Gift Giving App
Billy Lan - Jobget

We were looking for an agency that would understand the direness of the hourly worker job search cycle situation when we came across Appinventiv. What we liked about the team is how they did not just understand what we were looking for but also gave us ideas on how we could make the process more efficient and simplified for the jobseekers through their empathy mapping skillset.

Billy Lan Jobget
David A. - Image sharing iPhone App

Appinventiv's work has been professional and impactful. They remained prompt throughout the project and continued to provide marketing services till after the app launch. They took the time to understand our startup idea and then deliver quality results to propel them in a new direction.

David A. Image sharing iphone App
Keith - Project TimeKeeper

Highly recommend Appinventiv to any new startup companies looking to get a mobile application or website developed. Working from conceptualization, final designs and finally to development was a fluid and easy process. Thank you to the 10+ designers and developers who each had a hand in making this application a success.

Keith Project TimeKeeper
Keith - Project TimeKeeper

Appinventiv is extremely professional, detailed, and a pleasure to work with. Despite numerous delays from my team's side, they have always been easy and flexible in handling issues. I very much appreciate the detailed planning, weekly updates, and adherence to process. I highly recommend them for any project development, and will be happy to work with them again in the future.

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Michael Kimura - iOS Gift Giving App
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